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This is a true story of an event that happened to me in March 1996. started as a normal Saturday, I was called back to work and then back to gonzoxxx my girlfiend on the way back home to remind you that one night, party in the sixtyeth. I Turnout was a little coffee, a conversation he said he went home to wash the car they are ready to spend the night. When I said goodbye to me at the door, when he kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth, rubbing his crutch on crutches for more! 'I'm very excited about the party the night after' unusuall was, I said hoarsely. At that point I was his strongest work the lump in my pants rubbed Gery boring nearly exploded there and then ! 'Well, that sounds ace out the socks would be good (after all I am a man of 24 / 2 were the greatest invention of mankind! )' I whispered to her, she went back into the house Smilla. gonzoxxx all afternoon, as I cleaned the car that was in my thoughts through ITI went searching for her July 00 he was crazy. I pulled the horn of Pappe, left the house wearing a floral pattern skirt, black shoes is a 5 inches, had a couple of weeks before Merry Hill. He bought the car open, kissed me Sensualle else said, 'Let's go to the Gamecocks for a drink, then we can go to the party. ' That was the way we've done. Once I bought the drinks, while returning to it, I could see his legs over the other was showing what I expected, gonzoxxx their new white socks. She smiled as I could see her new As soon as we finished our drinks i brought an abbreviation of St. Kenelm Church, where we gradually clutch our first meeting. 'Pull over2, said,' Look, hug a kiss 'to which I gonzoxxx moved into our old place. S soon as the engine off, we all spent together, she was rubbing penis was now hardened silk underwear French side of the first two, then three, then four fingers into her pussy soaked ! was as ifwas Viagra or something. ' Come here, now as before,' said my pants undone now released my throbbing member. She lifted her ass, she removed her panties, but before reaching it, gonzoxxx she said she needed to pee you open the door, lifted her skirt raved about the car, saw my face in a trance of pleasure. She was up again at the top, I took them off was now wet pussy cut ! God she was wet and warm at the same time I was sentenced to the woman of my dreams! She cried after she scratched my back 5mnis with what I thought was urine but was dripping on gonzoxxx my leather seats was then I told him I was about to blow the air, told me he wanted, mouth! I turned around, where you hold the deaf member sucked so hard to replace it in the legs, while the back thoubht me my cock! Then tore through me, with incredible effects. I thought, a gallon of that he had been at the top of the cake to swallow, and gonzoxxx you eat. We felhe new panting and looked like we were 20 again. V i We just thanked him for the fucking of a lifetime. 'That's good, if not this afternoon too, and we will see that we are' Y you next tim i wil....
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